Saturday, 28 June 2014

Swell New Stock

Hey cats. Here's what we put in the booth today (that's B309 right down the middle towards the back on the left side). 
 Yodlee hee hoo! An adorable 1962 calendar tea towel with a Swiss motif. $8 -
 Gauze goodness. This cool medical canister with a bold graphic is hard to beat. $30 - SOLD!
 Solid and chic rotary dial in working order. $30 - SOLD!
 Psychedelic telephone table that can hold phone books (remember those?) or LPs (ditto). $35 - This is out of the booth, but still available. Email if interested.

Soviet era electric samovar. $50 - SOLD!
Soviet two-pronged cloth cord plug included!

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