Monday, 23 June 2014

Latest Load

Last Friday, we dropped off more goodies to our booth B309. Here are just a few of the items. 
 Magic Plastic Title Set. I'm not entirely sure what this was meant for, but the box is worth the price of admission alone. Of course the young man is smoking a pipe. $15
 Above and below are snaps of what you get inside.

 Here is a floral arrangement ring. - $4
 Fire King French onion soup bowls -$3 ea.
 Gorgeous and slightly goth looking knotted doily in frame.
- $20
 Way cheerful vintage ashtrays from the Niagara region circa mid-sixties. - $5 ea.

 Meloids tin. This is a vintage English cough suppressant. The tin opens up to unveil a hidden tin lid with a little hole that allows you to shake out the drops. Cool. - $9
 New old stock cocktail forks. Made in Hong Kong and yours for $5.
 O'Keefe Ale bottle - $6.
 Cute children's paint box - $13 SOLD!

 Rexall tooth powder tin with tooth powder still in it. - $ 9
 Carter's Two Solution Ink Eraser. Check out what it looks like inside. - $12

 Fisher-Price Sesame Street Clubhouse - $18 SOLD!
 Folk art painted coal scuttle - $33

 Private Property sign from a farm in Dunnville. It's on fibre board. -$13. Wouldn't it look great on an office door? So perfectly sterile. SOLD!
Way cool rustic typesetter's tray - $45 SOLD!

Thanks for stopping by. Come shop!

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