Saturday, 7 June 2014

More Cool New Old Stuff

 This is the coolest mod lamp. By day, it looks like that static electricity thing that makes your hair stand on end at the Science Centre. Plugged in at night, it's chic and Art Deco-esque. Buy it for $70. Works perfectly and is in perfect condition.
 I hate how so many people say "Mad Men" for anything vintage. "Hey, that 'Fat Albert' lunchbox is so Mad Men." Ugh. Anyway, I do think this lamp may have made a good accessory on a TV show set in the sixties. It's got a great shape, lights up perfectly and is in mint condition. Price is $50.
 We sold a typesetter's tray very quickly in April and have been hunting for more since. This one is in good condition and has terrific inky patina that tells the story of its purpose. $85.
 This is crazy, but we actually have a large Col. Sanders money bank for $26 and two cute Col. Sanders s&p shakers for $20. I like that they look like statues of Lenin if he had a bit more Southern charm. The money bank is not punctured and has a few coins jingle jangling in the bottom.
 Pretty and old Phillips' Milk of Magnesia Tablets bottle in cobalt blue. $11.
 Large Thermos flask in excellent condition (and it isn't stained or smelly inside, so feel free to use it). $13
 Pink vintage water pitcher $12 SOLD!
 Milk glass bowling mugs. After knocking down some pins, come home for a hot chocolate in style. $3 each.
 This cheerful enamel cooking pot has a heavy bottom which should lead to less burning - in theory. $19
Father's Day is coming up and you know Dad wants an antique rabbit trap for $23. He soweth the seed that made you YOU, so why not throw in the equally mantiquy fireman's wrench for $21? He deserves it. Fireman's wrench SOLD

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