Monday, 27 July 2015

John Fluevog Boots - Private Sale

These are size 10/9 women's boots. The first two pairs are lightly worn. The last two pairs are modestly worn. The last pair has a little scuffage at the toes and they are for someone with thin legs/ankles. I am selling these privately. If interested, text me at 905 516 5213. Thanks
 Patent leather knee-high boots: $175
 Knee-high Angel boots - $175
 Knee-high moto boots - $150
Mid-calf skinny moto boots - $75

Buy all four pairs for $500. 

More photos are available upon request. 

Expo 67 Candy Dish

Yours for $8

Vintage Badminton Racquets

 Find these in our booth for $7 each!

Industrial Vintage Welder's Mask

$25 and all this menacing goodness is yours!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bags 'o Handbags & More Vintage Swag You Must Have

Mid-Century silver clutch with chain strap. Mint condition: $25
Check out the side clasp!

This gorgeous cream hand-woven purse is $20

For your listening pleasure: PJ Harvey - "The Devil (From the Basement)"

Funky pink and black swirly patterned purse: $10
Funky black and colourful cloth purse: $8
Vintage hat in hat box: $25

Small English vintage corduroy cap: $8
Pyrex pink pie plate: $12 We also have the same one in chartreuse for the same price and in the same excellent condition.
Neat, brass doo-hickey. Not entirely sure if this came off something, but it could be repurposed as a hook/hanger or garden ornament. $10

Brass horse head bookends. $24 for the pair.

If you want it, come and get it before someone else beats you to it!

Monday, 15 June 2015

1970s Tea Towels & Fisher-Price Chime Ball

 Just Added are a bunch of swell tea towels from the 1970s: $7-8 each.

We've also added a Fisher-Price Chime Ball: $24.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Swell New Swag In B309

 Vintage Chinese Checkers Board - $18- Sold!
 Expo 67 Coffee Cup - $7

 Mini Children's croquet set (mallets shorter than 1') - $30

 1966 Miro exhibit print - $20
 Leaf framed in old window - $25
 Ring toss game - $13
Wooden sled $25

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Arts and Crafts Waste Paper Basket

This beautiful handmade Arts and Crafts waste paper basket was just added to our booth B309 today. Come get it at Valley Antiques before someone else does. - $40. SOLD!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Great New Pieces

 This terrific circa 1960s Minnie Mouse poster comes framed (approximately 24" X 18"). $30

 This midcentury teak salt and pepper set is $10

 Frosted Niagara Falls glass $8.

 Four Melamine bowls - $6.
 Large industrial baskets $12 each. Great for storage.
Radiant heat Plate in original packaging $6. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Danish Mobler Chair

 Find this terrific Mobler chair in our booth B309 at Valley Antiques in Dundas. It is in fantastic condition. If desired, the black paint could be touched up, or leave it true to how it has aged. It will not last long at this price. SOLD!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

New In Booth B309

Make your life at least 47 percent cooler by stopping by Valley Antiques in Dundas. Here are a few new pieces you will find in Booth B309:
Vintage Polaroid Land Camera Square Shooter 2 in a very stylish case - $23

If you're looking for rubber soul, you'll be happy to see assorted Cat's Paw rubber heels in B309. The packaging is so waaay cool I kept some for myself. Perfect for the cat fancier, Tim Burton fan, vintage appreciator, former goth, Halloween lover - or all of the above if you are me.
They are priced at $7 each. Get 'em before they're gone!
I guess Good Year didn't just make tires back in the day. Maybe this is one of the reasons people weren't as fat back then - they burned rubber more by walking than driving. Also $7. Only one box is available. SOLD!

Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! Friendship Pyrex mixing bowl (medium size) for $20. This is a much sought after pattern and the price is good. Don't think about it for too long. SOLD!

Look here - bad assed Barbed Wire pattern Pyrex casserole. This is another sought after design. It's in fantastic condition, comes with the lid and is only $24. A must for the collector. Next time you're entertaining, break out the Barbed Wire Pyrex and you'll show your guests who's in charge!

You will also find this amazing early sixties Scottish 'Kingdom of Fife' tea towel for $9. The condition is excellent. A wee price for a lot of charm. BOTH TEA TOWELS SOLD!
Also you'll find this cheerful vintage Gibraltar tea towel for $7. There's more new stuff I didn't photograph. Just get yourself into Dundas and you'll be glad you did. Dig!