Sunday, 2 November 2014

School Map & Oh - So Much More

 Just added to our booth today: This fantastic Ontario school map of the world. These were distributed by Neilson's Dairy free to schools in exchange for the chocolate bar advertising covering the map. Why think of continents when you can dream of chocolate?
- $110.00 SOLD!
 Pee Wee Herman doll: He doesn't talk anymore. Perhaps that's a blessing. - $24 SOLD!
 GI Joe Headquarters. It's seen better days, but the graphics are still good. - $35 - Currently out of booth. Email erin at if interested.
 Our endless stash of typesetter's trays has come to an end for now. This one is - $60. SOLD!
 We just added this super cute and very rare Noma children's night light. It still works. I cannot find any information about Noma lights of this type. It won't last long. - $40

 Speaking of lights, we still have the cool mod lamp available in our booth, along with the mid-century gooseneck lamp (below) SOLD!, and the totally seventies articulated lamp at the bottom of this posting.

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