Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fisher Price Mania in Booth B309!

Wow - we hit the mother load of amazing old FP toys. They are now in the booth… but they may not last long.
 FP Television set. It still works and plays two songs very well. $30.

 Digger Dog - he works too. Amuse your cats to no end. $22.00

 We're selling these Little People in the 5-piece sets you see for $10 each set. SOLD!

 FP Pocket Camera with 'flash'. Still works. $20.00

 Telephone $14
 Happy Apple - $15.
Cash register $20.00. We also have the movie camera with three reels that we're selling for $25.

Come find it all in booth B309 at Valley Antiques. SOLD!

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