Monday, 9 March 2015

Bottles and Midcentury Shelf

 Now in booth B309 at Valley Antiques in Dundas...
Brown apothecary bottles - $12 each - ONE SOLD!
 Old Russian Bear Oil bottle that still contains this mysterious oil - $10

 Sixties Rolling Rock brewski bottle - $10
 Very old Pinex cough syrup bottle with original (if somewhat tattered) box - $15. They say it tastes worse than Buckleys, but don't take my word for it!
 Pratt's Auto and Piano Polish - $5. If it's good enough for your car, it's good enough for your piano.
 Gorgeous Henry Wampole bottle - $12

 Large cobalt blue bottle - $5, small size $4
 Turquoise bottles $5 each, green bottle $4.
 Midcentury shelf - It has some rust on it, but it could easily be rust painted or just start using it and you won't notice. - $25.

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