Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Ink Collection, Westinghouse Cozy Heater & More

New in our booth - 
 Carter's Two Solution Ink Eraser - $12

 I'm not quite sure about the meaning of these "bug juice" bottles, but they're old and neato. -$5 each.

 New, old stock: Pelikan Fount India ink for fountain pens: - $7 each.

 This vintage wooden box holds treasures...
 You'll find four containers of nibs and other goodies (see photos below)- $25 for the whole box and its contents. SOLD!

 Six vintage Yang Tse ink bottles (made in France) - $15 SOLD!
 Vintage wooden note paper roll with pencil. $10 SOLD!
 Ceramic ink well - $10
 These ink bottles and several others are all priced at $5 each.
 Super cool industrial Westinghouse Cozy Heater - $60 SOLD!
 This heater has been fitted with a new cord. The heater works well, but it's very old and it is recommended that it be used more as a decorative piece.
 Made in Hamilton. Bless.

 We will also be selling two vintage sewing baskets for $15 each.
 The best part is that they're filled with old notions, such as wooden spools. The one seen above and the first image below this is SOLD!

 San Felice cigar box from 1953 - $15

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