Thursday, 10 July 2014

Swell New Pieces

Hey-diddly ho Cats! Here are some super cool items recently added to our booth B309 at Valley Antiques in Dundas. Dig. 
 Danish mid-century candle holder $10 - SOLD!
 Bowling game from the fifties $10 - This would make a great decorative piece. SOLD!
 A metal pulley - $12 hanging alongside our few remaining Odd Fellow's grave markers $15 each.
 This is a sweet calendar from the early seventies that was distributed by West End Quality Meats on Whitney Street in West Hamilton. $5 -
 A cheerful wooden clacker from the fifties $12 -
 We can't seem to keep Fisher-Price Happy Apples in stock. We've just added a new one $17 - (Pyrex bowl sold)
 Speaking of Fisher-Price toys, here are a few other pieces available. Come and get it! Fisher-Price stacking dog and cash register - SOLD!
Check out this Olympic cooler box from the fifties. The graphic on it is amazing and it is super clean inside and therefore, completely usable. $30 - SOLD!

 Made in Japan duck wall pocket/vase $9 - It's in perfect condition. (The wall pocket has been removed from the booth, but it's still available if you email me -
 Vintage wooden shoe form $19
Sixties wiener dog candy dish $12 - SOLD!

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