Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bottoms Up

We have a goodly selection of cocktail shakers in the $18 - $25 price range. Shaken, not stirred.
 We also have a large assortment of vintage glassware in the $6-$13 range. We have several Centennial glasses.

 Above: a glass to commemorate the royal visit in 1959. $10 -
 This little George Briard enamel coffee pot is in very good condition and the graphics are amazing. - $23

 These little glasses were originally the containers for shrimp cocktails. Now, they make pretty and very tough drinking glasses. $12 - set of four.
 We have several CN Tower glasses from the seventies. $8 -
 When it absolutely, positively has to be caffein free, accept no substitutes. Sanka mug $10 -
 We have a good assortment of milk glass mugs in the $6 price range.
Love the Oxo mug.
Swank glasses galore!
 Four bowling cocktail glasses $12 (set)
 Beautiful pheasant hunting glasses in mint condition
four for $12 -
 Way cool Hamilton Mason drinking glasses that commemorate a reunion in 1978 $9 (set of four)
 Sixties chic cowgirl tall glasses $ 8 ea.
 Super fun and charming CB radio glass circa mid-1970s $10
 The glass is surrounded by all the people listening to his CB radio. Breaker breaker good buddy.We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there!
 Fantastic starburst cocktail glasses from the 1960s.
Five for $10 -
 Ronald McDonald glass from 1977. Sorry about the blurry shot. He looks like he's passing a kidney stone on a Fry Guy.
 CN Tower glass with "Heaven's Above" cocktail recipe on the back. $8 - 
 Delightful vivid green Japanese mug with kitchen images. $6 -
 Frosted Florida souvenir glass $6 -

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